Oscillatory Dynamics of Prefrontal Cognitive Control


The prefrontal cortex (PFC) provides the structural basis for numerous higher cognitive functions. However, it is still largely unknown which mechanisms provide the functional basis for flexible cognitive control of goal-directed behavior. Here, we review recent findings that suggest that the functional architecture of cognition is profoundly rhythmic and propose that the PFC serves as a conductor to orchestrate task-relevant large-scale networks. We highlight several studies that demonstrated that oscillatory dynamics, such as phase resetting, cross-frequency coupling (CFC), and entrainment, support PFC-dependent recruitment of task-relevant regions into coherent functional networks. Importantly, these findings support the notion that distinct spectral signatures reflect different cortical computations supporting effective multiplexing on different temporal channels along the same anatomical pathways.

Journal of Neuroscience
Randolph Helfrich
Randolph Helfrich
Principial Investigator