Making memories last: How sleep promotes neuroplasticity


Helen never seemed to sleep and had boundless energy. Her interests ranged far and wide and her trainees (like R.T.K.) were primed to have her sense of exploration. One of Helen’s key interests was the plasticity of the human brain. In recent years, a multitude of research has revealed the pivotal role of sleep in mediating neuroplasticity in support of long-term memory formation. While sleep was not a topic that Helen studied herself, we are sure she would approve of its relevance for neuroplasticity. With that early career guidance, we dedicate this sleep chapter to Helen and review the most recent evidence of the role of sleep in forming lasting memories.

Changing Brains: Essays on Neuroplasticity in Honor of Helen J. Neville
Randolph Helfrich
Randolph Helfrich
Principial Investigator